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Woke Up This Morning in a Bad Mood

Posted by on Wednesday, 5 October, 2011

Dear Steve,

It’s time for me to stop feeling like a victim.  Wish I could.  Sadly, the evidence of that mess is a daily part of my life.  During sleep.  While I’m awake.  It hurts so much to realize that people who purport to be “good” can have so callously tossed away a person and her family.  You and your colleagues just plain suck.

Look in the mirror. If you saw yourself as I see you, you’d fall to your knees in abject pain.  You and those other douche bags are no better than the callous urban dwellers who turn a deaf ear and blind eye to a crime victim because they don’t want to get involved.  How do you not hate yourself?  Fuck you and fuck your colleagues.

Only you can fix your karma

Posted by on Tuesday, 13 September, 2011

Do you know the Buddhist concept of dependent origination? Had the accusations been legitamate or had people acted with decency, that would not have been necessary.

Even if the accusations were true, which they were not, or even if the organization concluded it was in its best interest to make a change, there is no defense for tolerating the bullying, or for retroactively cancelling our health insurance or ending the relationship without transition assistance or for calling the unemployment office and explicitly accuusing her of stealing $100k.

Those behaviors were indefensible and positively indecent. Did you know, for example, that she was diagnosed with cancer shortly after our insurance was cancelled?

Things ended badly. The lack of decency was extremely injurious to Her (and her family). Everyone abandoned her in the end, whether out of self-interest or bien-pensant–despite many years of sincere and devoted service.

As for the “other reasons.” That’s your karma Only you can fix it.