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April 30, 2008

Dear Steve,

How are you?  I am sorry to impose on our relationship but things are a mess.  I trust that you will at least listen and not share my words with your colleagues on the board.

We’ve been living under the threat of a man bent on destroying MWs career for over a year now.  The Organization has been her life’s work.  She is strong enough to withstand his baseless attacks and determined never to give in, however, KSB’s attacks are seriously affecting MW s health and our family life–as in our kids.  MW and I just had words over whether we should spend money on mosquito control for our property.  I found myself having to remind her that we cannot spend any unnecessary money because there’s a man, at this very moment, plotting to destroy her career.

I serve on many boards and committees now and in fact am an elected official in my town  and, therefore, have first hand knowledge of board dynamics.  Bullies bully to the extent that their peers allow.  Please help.  I know you are only one voice on that board but can you organize SOMETHING to stop this guy?


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