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Role Reversal: Bully Claims Language of Victim

Posted by on Wednesday, 21 September, 2011

Dear Steve,

One of the things that amazes most about Her situation is how He was able to so easily shuck the bully mantle for that of victim. It’s so disingenuous and unbecoming of a man who is supposed to be powerful.

That approach and it’s rhetoric is part of a disturbing trend among perpetrators of all stripes to adopt the language of victimization and to use it to turn the tables on their victims thereby doubly victimizing their prey.

I really thought you guys were smart enough to see through that sort of bullshit.

Only you can fix your karma

Posted by on Tuesday, 13 September, 2011

Do you know the Buddhist concept of dependent origination? Had the accusations been legitamate or had people acted with decency, that would not have been necessary.

Even if the accusations were true, which they were not, or even if the organization concluded it was in its best interest to make a change, there is no defense for tolerating the bullying, or for retroactively cancelling our health insurance or ending the relationship without transition assistance or for calling the unemployment office and explicitly accuusing her of stealing $100k.

Those behaviors were indefensible and positively indecent. Did you know, for example, that she was diagnosed with cancer shortly after our insurance was cancelled?

Things ended badly. The lack of decency was extremely injurious to Her (and her family). Everyone abandoned her in the end, whether out of self-interest or bien-pensant–despite many years of sincere and devoted service.

As for the “other reasons.” That’s your karma Only you can fix it.

Enough is enough . . .

Posted by on Monday, 12 September, 2011

Dear Steve,

She  just received an email from a former colleague containing a link to a virus.  Weren’t the false accusations and the betrayal enough?  Isn’t the organization content with ruining her career and health?  Now we have to worry about our computers being attacked!

I say this without an ounce of hyperbole, you cannot begin to fathom the suffering visited upon Roberta and our family.  Sick fuck that his is, I’m sure that would make a certain individual very happy–maybe others too?

Please take the necessary actions to motivate the responsible parties to leave her alone once and for all. She’s trying hard to get better and these sorts of things set her back.

P.S., If the organization is going to send us anything else, how about her personal effects or my computer equipment, which they (what’s that clever legal euphemism?) converted without permission? -B

P.P.S, I can’t believe you are still with the organization.  Don’t you find it the least bit ironic that that such a cast of characters pass judgment on other people’s ethical behavior?  Weren’t you in the least bit troubled that they so easily turned their backs on her?  Come to think of it, to this day, you have never once inquired about her well being–despite numerous protestations of affection and love.  I guess either you believed the lies or you didn’t want to know the answer.  You wouldn’t want to get the ivory town dirty, would you?

Just wondering . . .

Posted by on Friday, 9 September, 2011

Dear Steve,

It’s been over three years and still you have not made good on your promise to leave the organization in protest for how it’s former Executive Director was mistreated.  The Bull Dog who was president at the time has severely injured the object of his hatred which in turn plunged her family into chaos and profound sadness. It has affected her children’s grades and outlook on life.  How do you reconcile your continued association?  Especially since you do so much work for the disadvantaged through your job and especially since you travel to a war zone on the other side of the world to help  people.  Shame on you.