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Stand Up Guy

Posted by on Thursday, 2 September, 2010

I was cleaning up my email folders today and came across a message from you that contained this:

On Jun 30, 2008, at 3:39 PM, Steve wrote:

MW wants out, and who can blame her.  So do I.  I won’t abandon [her colleagues\ MP and GC after MW leaves for a new job, but I do plan to leave as soon as I can after MW leaves.

See you in Philly.

Of course she wanted out. KSB assaulted her, emotionally tortured her, his sham committee supported the president, one-by-one her colleagues, many of whom she’d known for over twenty years, turned their backs and permitted KSB’s depredations.  You and the others knew what KSB did was wrong.  You knew she was being bullied and that he was lying.  Yet you stood by and watched it happen.

From what I can tell it appears you still with the Organization?  If so what does that say? I guess as time has passed it has gotten easier to forget that you were of the opinion  KSB was a lying bully who destroyed a good person’s career, her health, and severely injured her family?  You cannot begin to imagine the suffering caused by KSB.  And for what? Enriching his friend’s n’ere do well son. Sport?  Vanity?  Boredom with the status quo?

Moreover, even if KSB’s allegations were true, which everyone knows they were not, she deserved better from you all.  No transition assistance, retroactively canceling her health family’s insurance, after she’d been fired, KSB alleged  to unemployment that she stole over $100,000.  No doubt, he spread those lies among her colleagues throughout the certification industry.

And, by the way, I managed to singlehandedly tun my town’s political situation inside out.  The other four  members on the board when I got elected, the ones that needed to go, are gone.  Their town administrator has been fired and that group;s political clout has been reduced to zero after a 15+ year run.

How is it that a nobody like me can take on bullies and creeps and change a whole town and a board of so called successful and powerful trail lawyers, professors, bar officials and judges allowed one man to wreak so much havoc?